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Class Schedule and Exam 

Mondays and Fridays: Open Activity-You choose your activity for the day. You can walk the gym/stairs upper deck, lift weights in weight room, play a team game, do a workout video, if nice go outside and do an activity.  10 points-must be moving/exercising the entire time.

Wednesdays: We workout together as a class on the upper deck completing teachers choice of a workout video. We use weights during fitness videos. 20 points each day. You must be following the DVD, putting in 100% effort, and following proper form and safety guidelines.

Tuesdays and Thursdays:  10 points each day-must be moving entire time and display proper sportsmanship. You will participate in a team game. Team games will include the following:

Each game will be played twice for the week (Tues and Thurs) for each marking period.

Tag games-flag tag, everybody’s it tag, link up, sharks/minnows

Team Foosball


Ultimate (Football, Frisbee)

Team Handball



Sharks and minnows, birthday tag, octopus tag, freeze tag


Squash Em

Wall Ball

Pony express


Corner Soccer

Medicine ball games

Capture the flag

Yard/field games outside and disk golf

Relay games


Various other games as requested

1 Semester exam in January and 1 final exam in May/June: 1 mile run, 1 minute sit ups, push ups until exhaustion, V sit. (25% each) May substitute plank for one fitness test of choice.

No excuses! If you need to work on strength, conditioning, cardio, etc, USE YOUR OPEN ACTIVITY DAYS TO WORK ON YOUR GOALS!

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