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Items Needed for Class Every Day:
Clean exercise clothes (t-shirt, shorts, or exercise pants, socks)
Athletic shoes
Shower supplies
Positive attitude
A lock to lock up your belongings

Personal Wellness Syllabus

about 1 year ago

Mrs. Micheau’s Classroom Policies Personal Wellness

Class description: If you would like to try different activities that promote fitness, gain confidence in your abilities, love to exercise, and have a desire to be healthy, then this is the class for you.

This is an elective physical fitness class that will focus on different activities such as team games, weight training, Pilates, Yoga, aerobics/cardio, dance, walking/jogging, stretching, team games, and other activities. Various fitness videos will be utilized for the different activities as well instructor lead team games.

In this class we exercise. We will make some personal fitness and wellness goals and we will try to reach them. This class involves teamwork. Working with others is required and having good sportsmanship is extremely important. We will support each other in our wellness goals.

What will you need?

YOUR OWN PERSONAL FITNESS/YOGA MAT (Due to medical/health/hygiene concerns) OR You can use a school mat but you are REQUIRED to disinfect it daily (before and after use) with provided disinfectant and towels. Many microorganisms can be spread through shared fitness equipment.

Work out shoes, socks, workout clothing, towel/shower items, and deodorant will be needed daily!

Please plan on bringing more than one set of clothes for the week. You will be perspiring greatly in many of the workouts and need to wash your clothes and socks on a regular basis! Shoe powder/spray is also recommended on a regular basis.

You will need to lock up your items in your gym locker daily. DO NOT LEAVE phones, valuables, etc. unlocked. They will get stolen and the school is not responsible. You will be provided a lock if you do not have one.

To prevent common skin infections and illnesses that is known to be spread in public please:

  • Wash your hands

  • Shower after each workout

  • DO NOT share towels

  • Wear flip flops/shoes in locker room and shower.

  • Wash your workout mat and workout equipment with disinfectant before and after use.

  • Wear clean and dry clothing

  • COVER all cuts, sores, etc. with bandages/gauze, etc.


You will receive a zero for any days you do not participate. A call home will be made after your third zero/no participation.

A note from a health care provider excusing you from activity is required for an excused no dress. This will NOT negatively affect your grade.  

You are expected to be on time, dress properly, participate in ALL activities with your best effort, and have a positive attitude. If you come to class whining because we are exercising this will negatively affect your grade. Your attitude does affect effort and performance.

You are expected to disinfect your weights and mat when used.  I will provide disinfectant.

Proper behavior in the locker room is expected. Keep your hands to yourself, treat others with respect, treat the school with respect, don’t steal other people’s things, and be considerate of other people’s feelings.



Each day you will be graded on a point scale 0-20 or 0-10 on effort, proper form, and transitioning. Grading is based off of effort, form, and a positive attitude. Complaining, whining, not listening, using very low weights for your ability, not transitioning quickly to the next exercise, taking excessive breaks, and not working hard will cause a deduction in your daily points.

You will not love every workout we do but I ask that you try your hardest and have a positive attitude.  

Monday and Friday: Open activity/personal workout days=10 points

Tuesday and Thursday: Team game days=10 points

Wednesday: DVD workout day= 20 points

I have read and understand the class expectations and policies for personal wellness class:

Printed Name of student: ____________________________________ Grade __________

Signature of Student: _______________________________________

Parents: Please email me or list below any physical or medical conditions that your child has that I need to be aware of for participation in this class. (Asthma/inhaler, diabetes, severe allergies, recent injuries/problems, etc)

My child’s medical/health concerns:

Parent/guardian name(s):___________________________________________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian: __________________________________________________

Thank you and I am looking forward to a great year!

Angela Micheu

Health/PE Teacher

346-9247 Ext. 2113

Class Schedule and Exam 

about 1 year ago

Mondays and Fridays: Open Activity-You choose your activity for the day. You can walk the gym/stairs upper deck, lift weights in weight room, play a team game, do a workout video, if nice go outside and do an activity.  10 points-must be moving/exercising the entire time.

Wednesdays: We workout together as a class on the upper deck completing teachers choice of a workout video. We use weights during fitness videos. 20 points each day. You must be following the DVD, putting in 100% effort, and following proper form and safety guidelines.

Tuesdays and Thursdays:  10 points each day-must be moving entire time and display proper sportsmanship. You will participate in a team game. Team games will include the following:

Each game will be played twice for the week (Tues and Thurs) for each marking period.

Tag games-flag tag, everybody’s it tag, link up, sharks/minnows

Team Foosball


Ultimate (Football, Frisbee)

Team Handball



Sharks and minnows, birthday tag, octopus tag, freeze tag


Squash Em

Wall Ball

Pony express


Corner Soccer

Medicine ball games

Capture the flag

Yard/field games outside and disk golf

Relay games


Various other games as requested

1 Semester exam in January and 1 final exam in May/June: 1 mile run, 1 minute sit ups, push ups until exhaustion, V sit. (25% each) May substitute plank for one fitness test of choice.

No excuses! If you need to work on strength, conditioning, cardio, etc, USE YOUR OPEN ACTIVITY DAYS TO WORK ON YOUR GOALS!

Preventing common skin infections and illnesses that are known to be spread in public please:
Wash your hands frequently

COVER all cuts, sores, etc. with band aids/gauze, etc.

Shower after each workout

DO NOT share towels

Wear flip flops/shoes in locker room and shower.

Wash your workout mat and workout equipment with disinfectant before and after use.

Wear clean and dry clothing

Stay home when running a fever, vomiting or sick.