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What you need to be successful every day:
Pencil or Pen
Positive outlook
Be well rested
Ask questions
Participate in discussions
Complete assignments on time

Health 2 Syllabus

about 1 year ago

Health 2

All Year Elective Course 10-12th Grade

Mrs. Micheau’s Classroom Policies/Information or

906-346-9247 ext. 2113

Other classroom information can be located under “Staff Directory” found in the Gwinn middle and high school section of the school webpage at:

Materials needed: High quality folder and pencil/pen every day.

Topics covered in this course: (Projects/Assessments included in each unit are bolded)

Majority of work in this course (depending on unit) we will be utilizing Google Classroom/Chromebooks for many assignments. This elective is designed for you to be the explorer of your learning. There is very little lecturing. There is a lot of individual research/reading assignments and projects.

Semester 1:

1) Stress and Coping and Mental Health Conditions/Emotional Health-Written Report and Written Test

2) Complementary and Alternative Methods of Healing-Presentation and Guest Speaker Journals and Written Test

3) CPR/AED Heartsaver AHA-Written and Skill Testing for certification

4) Healthy Relationships/Dating Violence/Reproduction/HIV/STI/Parenting-Presentation and Take Home Baby Project

Semester 1 Exam: Analysis of CDC major causes of deaths among adolescents and analysis of the Youth Risk Behavior Surveys

Semester 2:

5) Health Advocacy-Presentations to MS/HS Health/PE classes or Health/Tri Fold/Project Display at Wellness Fair in February. Any topic! What are you passionate about?

6) Current Health News-Written Summaries and share one at seat.

7) Nutrition/Fitness-TBA

8) Healthcare Careers/Career Exploration-Speakers from NMU and Bay programs-Journal notes and Career Exploration

9) Medical Terminology-Online program and Written Test

10) Drug Prevention-Presentations

11) 7 habits of highly effective teenagers book-Group projects

If time allows:

11) Diseases/Various Health topics-Pamphlet

12) Controversial or problematic medical/health issues-

Opinion proof essay and share at seat.

Semester 2 Exam: 7 habits of highly effective teenagers book essay

To see your grades please go to PowerSchool which is located on the Gwinn School page: Click on the PowerSchool block.

There is a POWERSCHOOL App! Please get on your phone. District Code is JKQS You can check your child’s grades anytime and get updates sent to you.

Class Expectations and Rules:

1. Come to class prepared with your folder, handouts and writing utensil.

2. Be respectful to your classmates and teacher

3. Hand assignments in fully completed and on time. (Homework policy will be explained in class)

4. Pay attention, ask questions, discuss topics, and communicate with your teacher

5. Follow all rules in student handbook

Consequences/Corrective Efforts:

1) Verbal Warning

2) Fill out a behavior plan and discuss with teacher after class

3) Behavior write up and or support room and call home

Late Work Policy:

1 Day Late = Loss of 25% credit (highest score possible = 75%)

2 or more Days Late = Loss of 50% credit (highest score possible = 50%)

Students are not permitted to make up assignments after the test/exam on that material or when the unit has ended.

Cell Phone Policy:

Cell phones and other personal electronic devices are not to be used during the school day from 7:57 a.m. to 2:59 p.m. Recognizing the fact that students may need these devices with them at school because of after school activities, work, etc., these devices will be permitted in the building ONLY if turned off and stored in your locker during school hours. Parents should know that students have access to landline phones throughout the school day. Additionally, parents may contact the school at 346-9247 to leave a message for their child.

Consequences for violations include:

  • First offense: Phone taken away and retrieved by the student at the end of the school day.

  • Second offense: Phone taken away, call to the parent with the phone retrieved by the parent, and a written behavior referral for the student.

  • Third and subsequent offense: Phone taken away, call to the parent with the phone retrieved by the parent, and further student consequences which may include lunch detention, in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension.

Homework Help/Tutoring: We have homework help EVERYDAY after school from 3-4:30! Your child can go anytime to get help in any classes or just work on homework/study after school! Monday-Thursday and 3-4:00 on Fridays. (Mrs. Boyle’s and Mrs. Holland's Room)

Homework Help Assigned by Teacher: When a student is failing a class or missing 3 or more assignments, they will be referred to homework detention/homework help/tutoring for one hour from 3-4 pm the following day they are assigned.

Please try to get at least 9 hours of sleep every night. Keeping your cell phone out of the bedroom and turning off TVs and video games early on school nights is important for your ability to stay awake and pay attention in class. This will greatly affect your success in school. I am looking forward to having you in class!


I have read and I understand the policies for Mrs. Micheau’s Health Education class:

Printed Name of student: ____________________________________ Hour __________ Grade ________

Signature of student: ______________________________________________________

Parent/guardian name(s):___________________________________________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ______________________________________________

Email or phone you can be best reached at: ________________________________________________

Does your child have a 504?    __________Yes ___________No

(A 504 plan is an educational plan that gives students with mental or physical disabilities individualized help).

Does your child have an IEP?  __________Yes ___________No

(An IEP is an individual education plan that gives students with learning disabilities individualized help).

Does your child have any life threatening environmental or food allergies? ________Yes     _______No

If so, do they have an Epi-pen available at school? ________Yes _________No

Not required but nice to have: Please tell me anything about your child that may help me as their teacher. Thank you. (Feel free to email instead if needed)






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