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9th Grade Learns About Healthy Relationships

about 1 year ago


    Healthy relationships can improve your quality of life and have a big impact on your social, emotional, and physical health. The 9th grade health education students in Mrs. Micheau’s class have been exploring what makes a relationship healthy and unhealthy in their Violence prevention, safety, and healthy relationships unit. Mrs. Micheau says, “This is a unit where I definitely have all of the students’ attention. It is very relevant to their lives. It’s not just about boyfriends and girlfriends, we also explore characteristics of a healthy family structure, healthy friendships, respecting personal boundaries, conflict management skills, assertive communication skills, and personal safety.” Madalyn Brady, a 9th grader in Mrs. Micheau’s class says,  “I can apply what I learned into my life by communicating better when I’m in a disagreement. What I found most interesting about this unit is that respect is necessary to properly resolve a conflict.”

    Some of the other topics explored in this unit include, criminal sexual conduct laws, age of consent laws, sexual harassment, child sexually abusive material laws, LGBTQ and bullying, community resources for accessing help, and the lifelong effects that trauma can have on a victim. Jesse Libick, a freshman in Micheau’s class says, “I can apply what I learned into my life by trying to respect people’s boundaries more. What I found most interesting about this topic is how it teaches people to think about other people. Caleb McLean another freshman says, “Sexual harassment is not a joke and it’s more serious than you think.”

   Micheau says “that students need to have the skills to communicate with each other, understand Michigan laws, and know their rights. They also need to know the warning signs of unhealthy relationships, know how to end them, and where to get help”. Shanna LaRock, another 9th grader says, “What I found most interesting about dating rights is that you can say no to anything and you can break up with them whenever. No one you date should control or have power over you.”  Jorge Hardy another freshman says, “1 in 3 women have experienced domestic violence, and what I find most interesting is how deadly domestic violence actually is.” After reading the student’s self-reflections on the unit, it absolutely re-enforces how important this subject is to discuss with students and the importance of developing these life skills says Micheau.

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